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About us

Micheal Mc Bride Architectural Services was formed in 2008 when Micheal Mc Bride returned to Ireland from Australia.  The practice is committed to the creation of contemporary architecture with a strong focus on

· Individual Design for Individual Clients

· Location specific design

· User focused design

· Environmentally sound design

· Realistic design within given budgets

There is no set format to design.  As designs themselves are different so too are the processes upon which they are reached.  What must be consistent is the desire to achieve the best within the given budget.

The practice engages various media to evolve, resolve and convey the design idea.  The media may involve freehand sketches, physical models, computer drawings and 3D renders and walkthroughs.

Some clients have very strong ideas as to what they want, other clients like to have different ideas and options given to them.  In both circumstances a strong commitment is made and delivered to ensure client satisfaction.

Micheal Mc Bride



phone: 0749890103

mob: 00 (353) 857752726

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